Can 2x60AHV-60VDC handles 48V?

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Can 2x60AHV-60VDC handles 48V?

Postby gannicus » Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:49 am


I'm working on a project with two 48V motors (20A working courrent), and I want to use dual motor controller for them. I'm just wondering if this is the correct chose, can this 60V controller handles 48V? I assumes it is ok? ... _p_12.html

Also I'm from Australia, When I was trying to check out, the shipping fee is $112.17, which is way too expensive, is there a cheaper shipping method? Last time when my motor controller broken I shipped it back to you guys, post office it only charged me less than 30 Australian dollar, can you please change the shipping method so I can continue the checkout process? I don't mind using a slow shipping method as long as it is cheap.


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Re: Can 2x60AHV-60VDC handles 48V?

Postby Morris » Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:39 am

hi gannicus,

i'm playing with a hv2x60a..and can tel you..your spec's is NO problem for the hv2x60a!!
If your working current is 20 amps per channel, use a 40 amp fuse, and set your board setting to 20 will go on for a lifetime...

best regards,


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Re: Can 2x60AHV-60VDC handles 48V?

Postby Basicmicro Support » Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:42 am

As morris said the 60v will handle 48v without a problem.

The shipping fee is calculated by UPS(you chose UPS Expedited or Express I would guess). We also offer USPS priority mail(approx $50 to Aus) or USPS Firstclass mail(approx $25 to Aus). In alot of cases Priority mail has no tracking once it leaves the US and First Class mail has no tracking at all so the trade off for the lower cost shipping is potential loss of the shipment. To Aus we dont usually have any problems with that though.

Unfortunately shipping from the 3 big carriers(UPS,FedEX and DHL) out of the US is expensive unless its to Canada or Mexico. Everywhere else in the world it starts at around $90 and goes up with them. USPS is the only real option we have for low cost international shipping but I dont recommend them unless you are in Australia or the European Union countries(and not all of them). Any where else and there is a non-zero chance the package isnt going to arrive using USPS.

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